Makati sa gabi: The city during sunday nights and being nostalgic

(translation: Makati at Night)

I ended my walk when I reached the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) but ended up walking for a few more kilometers since there’s barely any transportation in that area at that time. By this time my feet is really killing me and I desperately wanted to sit down on a chair.

From Rizal Park to here..quite the walk for a bored fella. And man how quiet it is here..If you don't count the vehicles.

From Rizal Park to here..quite the walk for a bored fella. And man how quiet it is here..If you don’t count the vehicles.

Finally reached the World Trade Center and few more walks southward I’ve reached an area of the highway were the buses passes by and I took a bus going to Makati. The objective this time is to have dinner in my favorite places. Little Tokyo.

I got out of the bus along Paseo going to V. Rufino St. and walked in the streets of Makati which is usually filled with people and at that time it wasn’t. So with the camera I took pictures of it.

It's usually filled with people going home at this time..but it's a Sunday afternoon. Guess where are they?

It’s usually filled with people going home at this time..but it’s a Sunday afternoon. Guess where are they?

V. Rufino. I used to work here in this place..Now I don't.

V. Rufino. I used to work here in this place..Now I don’t.

Do you ever get surprised to see a city that doesn’t have much people in it compared to regular working days?

It’s amazing too that when I was taking pictures it was already getting dark but the pictures were like it was just before sunset except the later one where it was really that dark. I kind of wish Makati is this quiet at time. Though apparently it triggered nostalgia in which all of this seems similar to Japan. Ironically I’m going to a Japanese-themed restaurant so my mind’s about Japan and while I’m taking pictures and all I was thinking about Japan…Not a good thing in a way.

Office buildings..minus the lights it kinda reminded me of Japan..

Office buildings..minus the lights it kinda reminded me of Japan..

A crossroad. It's so easy to cross this now..and ignore the traffic light.

A crossroad. It’s so easy to cross this now..and ignore the traffic light.

Another crossroad..A rotonda I believe.

Another crossroad..A rotonda I believe.

So now I’m near Little Tokyo. You can notice with the numerous Japanese establishments and signs but apparently I’m heading to the actual Little Tokyo area with the restaurants next to each other.

I'm near Little Tokyo..Can't you tell? Oh picture.

I’m near Little Tokyo..Can’t you tell? Oh picture.

Hooray Japan..oh wait. I'm in Makati T_T  Though honestly it's almost in Japan eh?

Hooray Japan..oh wait. I’m in Makati T_T Though honestly it’s almost in Japan eh?

So I arrive at Little Tokyo itself. I swear the only thing missing here is a decent bookstore besides Booksale which is on the mall on the other side of the street but that doesn’t count. I mean San Francisco has Japantown that has more attraction that ours which is more on food which is high quality and somehow more fulfilling that the ones I’ve had in Tokyo.

One of the walkway going to Little Tokyo coming from Amorsolo St..Where's the bookstore when you need it? XD

One of the walkway going to Little Tokyo coming from Amorsolo St..Where’s the bookstore when you need it? XD

After that I had my dinner tried to feel like I’m back in Tokyo when I’m not. And thus ended my long Sunday walk.

Honestly I don’t think I would do that again but it was fun doing it with a camera and blog to share the pictures with and the story that hopefully I’ve promoted my country. Sure it’s no Japan but it’s home.

So I’ve been to Japan. The best five days of my life. And probably the only time I could be there but hopefully I can..It’s just not that easy. Especially with my current job and all. So I’d stop for a while promoting my country and talk about Japan..or what I’d call V-day. V being Victory not Valentines (LOL).

Has traveling inspired you to try promote your own country to the world? Or at least to your friends?

Manila Bay on a boring Sunday afternoon

“So after Rizal Park realizing that I have my camera I decided to go walk to the Manila Bay for the second time. Roxas boulevard has always been one of the “cleanest” and more international-like of all the streets of Manila. From wide highways, sophisticated traffic lights, and cityscapes that almost feels you’re not in the Philippines…until […]

Rizal Park: Taking pictures and appreciating our best and rare parks.

It was last February twelve where I finally brought along my camera as I walked to Manila’s best locations. The Rizal Park and the Manila bay. I say that since Manila’s has not much to offer for it’s people and tourist alike but like everything it’s still worth positively to talk about.


The Metropolitan Theatre

I start with taking a shot of the Old Metropolitan Theater. I remember the first and last time we’ve entered here to watch a play about the tale: Ibong Adarna. It was back when people have all the reasons to promote local culture, when our local singers sang more songs in Tagalog and had positive messages compared to today. Seems like after the previous Mayor’s tenure it never got renovated as planned and remain a relic.

Do you have old theaters in your country that you’ve visited recently? Any memories of you able to enter it and watch something inside?

I first went to a local mall to look for a book and had a snack before I begin. Nothing noteworthy about that part. In front of the mall is a monument dedicated to our heroes and next to it is the only symbolic building that even news channel would put up in their international time section: The Manila City Hall.

IMG_0018 IMG_0013

I was glad to have my camera with me at this time for I’ve been dying to try a take a picture of this side of Manila that apparently feels more like going out of the country for a minute or so. Manila apparently has two sides in my opinion. The cleaner one and the not-so cleaner one. During my college years I’m at that latter side and occasionally go to the cleaner side for some dose of pride.



What part of your capital would you most likely be in at most for personal or “patriotic” or whatever reason?

After that I went to see Rizal Park for the third time this year. This time I got a camera with me. Hooray. XD

Rizal Park..Now with a namesake at the front. One of the many improvements of the park.

Rizal Park..Now with a namesake at the front. One of the many improvements of the park.

I got to say they’ve really improved the park so much that it’s actually good to spend at least thirt minutes or so just being there walking and roaming inside. Since our country lack this kind of parks so it’s quite a breather coming from boring malls to neverending condos under construction.

Adding a walkway in the mini map of the Philippines...Brilliant!

Adding a walkway in the mini map of the Philippines…Brilliant!

The map of the Philippines near the entrance has a bridge to which you can get to see the map up close and it even has some activity game in it where you try to find our country’s asset in the map itself..Below is some of picture guides so that in your next visit it be easier to find:

IMG_0034 IMG_0042



IMG_0065 IMG_0064

On the left side is the National Library and on the right is the National Museum. I haven’t visited the Library since my college years but the National Museum is also worth a visit. They’ve really improved that side of it where it used to be close and dirty now it…isn’t. Though for the Museum that for another blog that hopefully I can make soon enough.

Imagine this with Cherry Blossoms?

Imagine this with Cherry Blossoms?

Straight on we have Lapu-lapu’s monument then to the other half of the museum where it has a huge fountain, a mini Chinese and Japanese garden to which has a fee of php10 to least the Japanese garden..and then to the park’s main feature. The Rizal Monument..Another one of the few symbolic structure that gets featured in tourist shows.


Since it’s a Sunday so the park is filled with people. And this one is just as full so I tried to at least take a picture of the monument and look at it.


The Lapu-lapu monument..The country’s first hero


Again..with Cherry Blossoms


The Jeepney. Still I don’t understand why people want these out of the streets when it does more for the country than them expensive imported cars that aren’t even made in our country.


A Train with of the few rides in the park.

The Entrance to the Japanese garden..

The Entrance to the Japanese garden..


Yes we're still in the Philippines

Yes we’re still in the Philippines


What are the well-known landmarks in your area?


From there the other side is the Quirino Grandstand which isn’t much but it’s just a spacious and more open than the Rizal Park from there I thought of taking a ride towards Gil Puyat but since I got a camera with me this time I thought of walking to it so that I can come to the infamous Manila Bay…yes infamous because like I said Manila has few scenic spots or maybe this is just a local’s point of view.

The Rizal Monument..This is as close as one can get to the monument.

The Rizal Monument..This is as close as one can get to the monument.

The visit to our local park felt good especially now that I got a camera to take pictures with and now that they allow anyone to take pictures unlike before. With these I kinda wish that we have more parks like these. It’s truly a breather from all the blind perspective of progress we see from the rising buildings and ads like crazy being put anywhere. We need parks as much as fulfilling one’s calling in life. For the country’s sake and for our children’s sake as well.

Been to your local park recently? 

Sa Pampanga: Todos de lo Santos at takas sa siyudad

(At Pampanga: All saint’s day and escaping the city)

We’d been coming back to the province recently to take a break from the city and visit my father’s side of the family. The last time I saw them was during my grandmother’s burial and on the last night there were many people and at my surprise all of them are my aunts and uncles 0_0.

Eitherway there’s a saying in our country that for a tourist to see the best the Philippines has to offer..stay out of the city and go to the provinces..Ironically this blog is to promote the city not the province.

My last visit was during  Todos de lo Santos or All saint’s day as what people are calling it now…from the former spanish to English..or in Tagalog Araw ng Patay (Day of the Dead)..Not at all good to describe the day itself it probably suite Halloween for the Philippines at least even for Zombie Apocalypse fans XD. A proper term is “Araw ng mga santo” but we, sadly, went for the english version..All saint’s day.

San Simon Cemetary. Not as crowded as I used to remember it.

Nice wallpaper image..depends on who you ask XD



Where did you go during the first few days of November? Is there a different way you celebrate All saint’s day in your place and what is it called?

I went to my grandparent’s tomb before I took photos of my surroundings of course..

The tombs of both my Grandparents from my father’s side. On the right is my grandmother.

Here’s my grandfather..The first Gabino’s nameplate is vanishing already. I was never able to see him because he died before I was born.


It can be quite gloomy here I don’t know how would you promote “dark tourism” as that article before pointed while pointing out R. Papa station. Where a big cemetery is. Not certain if it’s the north cemetery or the Chinese’s

Afterward we went to my other uncles/aunt that we weren’t able to meet the second time I was there. Afterward I went off to the fields to take a breather. One of the Philippine’s most scenic places is the farmfields..just check this photos:


Trying to take a picture of me in the scene..Not easy to do.


While the saying is true the city itself is actually nice. Though one couldn’t find a place like this in the city..If I do find one it be here in this blog XD.

After visiting the departed what did you do?

Added notes for travelling to Manila..–tour-manila-via-lrt-1.html

Just my added opinion about this article. Especially with the sight of Manila to which isn’t as much pushed to tourist versus Palawan

Things to see in:

Vito Cruz: One needs to walk to the Sport center and find orange transports to bring you to the CCP and to Roxas Boulevard..A part of Manila which is, at least, on par with the scenic cityscapes of Asia.

Quirino Avenue: I really don’t recommend you going to Manila Zoo unless you want to see the sad conditions of the animals there especially Mali the elephant. Plus from the station it would take a few more walks to the Zoo. The animals of Aquino Park in Quezon City is a better choice in this case.

UN Avenue: The area has most of Manila’s best tourist attractions. The Nearby attractions would be Rizal Park, National Library, National Museum( It has two buildings: One hosts artifacts, trade items, and flora and fauna exhibits. The other hosts Artistic pieces including the biggest one we have The Spoilarium, and sculptures and other art exhibits donated by big companies here in the Philippines)..Going further along would the Manila Ocean Park and the Manila Bay.

Carriedo: There’s our Akihabara-version of a place..Commonly known as Raon. (Minus the anime/manga stuff of course). It has numerous electronics and musical stores and is closer to the Quiapo Church. From the station just go a few block to the left. Be well-prepared when going there.

Bambang: Raon is for electronics while Bambang a place filled with medical stores selling medical supplies. Not much of a tourist attraction but it never hurts to promote it at least. (I’m not going to be paid for any of these promos XD)

Monumento: I can’t say for sure that the Bonifacio Monument is accessible. It’s surrounded by fences so one can’t get it and it’s in the middle of a highway. I don’t know if that has changed now.

As for the rest of the station stops. I couldn’t comment more about it since I haven’t tried it myself. It’s quite interesting, especially the info about what to see along R. Papa station.

Other stuff along the other stations don’t offer much.

According to that article Manila is usually avoided by tourist due to it’s negative reputation. Other than that why do you think so and does the article, and my sidenotes, encourage you to try to travel in Manila?

Anyway..leave a comment below if you have other questions about Manila and regarding where to find what in there. I can’t help much with Bars and restaurants but I’ll try to answer them if I can.

Is it still worth it..what of it intelligently

This is daily life in our country. I wonder at times how many times should we keep on taking punches and learn to duck and counter? To counter as in to show that we’ve learned something from it.

I made this blog to tell about my surroundings, the things that are simple and yet attractive, to do my part for this country in a way I can. Yet you see facts like this and what we do about it in our daily lives. Is it still worth it?

Apart from the expected pessimism one of them would be a repeat of all this and we wonder if we would even do anything about it. Seems like the better things to do in our country is save yourself, build your castle, then send your knights to help others.

From there it really seems hopeless. Why should I even do this now? Because I can’t help to think Japan’s a better country in all ways than mine and that I do this in order to accept that I’d probably can’t go back there again and that I should get used to my homeland and it’s “facts”.

It’s true that I can’t do anything for this country..nor do I expect that my work here on this blog would help the country until all of our best people would do the impossible.

I’ll continue to do what I can with this blog with the places I’ve been through and talk about it with the best that I can with what I’ve observed. My country’s no Japan for sure..and it’s not even’s the Philippines. God kept it still filled with hope and the possibility of “actually” doing something better for a change apart from the ordinary methods we’ve done in years.

So now..what of it intelligently?

“Love one’s country..intelligently”. I don’t know how exactly how. Being rich myself and hoping that I’d use my resources to help the country seems it but wouldn’t one just use it for himself in the end?

So how does one serve one’s country intelligently?


Walking by the bay before and after the monsoon rains…


The Marikina River walkway is quite a site during the early afternoon around 3:30 to 5 in the afternoon. I’ve been trying to find the opportunity to go in there, besides them two huge malls, and take pictures.

Going there one could go to the walkway going to SM Marikina or vice-versa or from the city limits itself. Though that’s going to be quite a long walk. I’m just going to cover the route near the LRT Santolan station to SM Marikina.

First would be the pictures I took before the August 11 monsoon..four months before it XD:




Beautiful isn’t it?

The idea was I was about to go home and it was quite the beautiful afternoon and I happen to have my camera with me so instead of taking the footbridge going to the tricycle terminal at Santolan I went to the SM marikina parking area towards this walkway and started taking photos..Since it’s a weekday so there isn’t much people going here. Back then when it wasn’t a mall the only way to go here is to cross the other side and the bridge is so far from this area.

Then August 11’s monsoon came by in this area it was like Ondoy all over again. I was at home back then and didn’t brave the weather so I didn’t have photos of that day XD.

Went back here two weeks later and this is what I saw:


It took a while to clean everything up after Ondoy so I’m guessing it’s the same case here. Though what bothered me is that the water level remained higher than usual two weeks after the monsoon rains..

Four months ago it was like this: Image

And now this:


The thought of this could go higher in the next few floods is possible but why worry about something that is out of our control.

Usually one goes out of his home, do some venturing, and you’d find great places nearby. Even in our country where it’s not as much but still.

What are some places in your area near to you that you think has a great view when the time is right?