Walking by the bay before and after the monsoon rains…


The Marikina River walkway is quite a site during the early afternoon around 3:30 to 5 in the afternoon. I’ve been trying to find the opportunity to go in there, besides them two huge malls, and take pictures.

Going there one could go to the walkway going to SM Marikina or vice-versa or from the city limits itself. Though that’s going to be quite a long walk. I’m just going to cover the route near the LRT Santolan station to SM Marikina.

First would be the pictures I took before the August 11 monsoon..four months before it XD:




Beautiful isn’t it?

The idea was I was about to go home and it was quite the beautiful afternoon and I happen to have my camera with me so instead of taking the footbridge going to the tricycle terminal at Santolan I went to the SM marikina parking area towards this walkway and started taking photos..Since it’s a weekday so there isn’t much people going here. Back then when it wasn’t a mall the only way to go here is to cross the other side and the bridge is so far from this area.

Then August 11’s monsoon came by in this area it was like Ondoy all over again. I was at home back then and didn’t brave the weather so I didn’t have photos of that day XD.

Went back here two weeks later and this is what I saw:


It took a while to clean everything up after Ondoy so I’m guessing it’s the same case here. Though what bothered me is that the water level remained higher than usual two weeks after the monsoon rains..

Four months ago it was like this: Image

And now this:


The thought of this could go higher in the next few floods is possible but why worry about something that is out of our control.

Usually one goes out of his home, do some venturing, and you’d find great places nearby. Even in our country where it’s not as much but still.

What are some places in your area near to you that you think has a great view when the time is right?


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I'm a rent collector with our family business with aspirations of doing Character art and doing something bigger than myself. I blog about our capital city and talk about news articles that I find and comment on them. I play the saxophone during the evenings.

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