Is it still worth it..what of it intelligently

This is daily life in our country. I wonder at times how many times should we keep on taking punches and learn to duck and counter? To counter as in to show that we’ve learned something from it.

I made this blog to tell about my surroundings, the things that are simple and yet attractive, to do my part for this country in a way I can. Yet you see facts like this and what we do about it in our daily lives. Is it still worth it?

Apart from the expected pessimism one of them would be a repeat of all this and we wonder if we would even do anything about it. Seems like the better things to do in our country is save yourself, build your castle, then send your knights to help others.

From there it really seems hopeless. Why should I even do this now? Because I can’t help to think Japan’s a better country in all ways than mine and that I do this in order to accept that I’d probably can’t go back there again and that I should get used to my homeland and it’s “facts”.

It’s true that I can’t do anything for this country..nor do I expect that my work here on this blog would help the country until all of our best people would do the impossible.

I’ll continue to do what I can with this blog with the places I’ve been through and talk about it with the best that I can with what I’ve observed. My country’s no Japan for sure..and it’s not even’s the Philippines. God kept it still filled with hope and the possibility of “actually” doing something better for a change apart from the ordinary methods we’ve done in years.

So now..what of it intelligently?

“Love one’s country..intelligently”. I don’t know how exactly how. Being rich myself and hoping that I’d use my resources to help the country seems it but wouldn’t one just use it for himself in the end?

So how does one serve one’s country intelligently?



About gabino2884

I'm a rent collector with our family business with aspirations of doing Character art and doing something bigger than myself. I blog about our capital city and talk about news articles that I find and comment on them. I play the saxophone during the evenings.

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