Added notes for travelling to Manila..–tour-manila-via-lrt-1.html

Just my added opinion about this article. Especially with the sight of Manila to which isn’t as much pushed to tourist versus Palawan

Things to see in:

Vito Cruz: One needs to walk to the Sport center and find orange transports to bring you to the CCP and to Roxas Boulevard..A part of Manila which is, at least, on par with the scenic cityscapes of Asia.

Quirino Avenue: I really don’t recommend you going to Manila Zoo unless you want to see the sad conditions of the animals there especially Mali the elephant. Plus from the station it would take a few more walks to the Zoo. The animals of Aquino Park in Quezon City is a better choice in this case.

UN Avenue: The area has most of Manila’s best tourist attractions. The Nearby attractions would be Rizal Park, National Library, National Museum( It has two buildings: One hosts artifacts, trade items, and flora and fauna exhibits. The other hosts Artistic pieces including the biggest one we have The Spoilarium, and sculptures and other art exhibits donated by big companies here in the Philippines)..Going further along would the Manila Ocean Park and the Manila Bay.

Carriedo: There’s our Akihabara-version of a place..Commonly known as Raon. (Minus the anime/manga stuff of course). It has numerous electronics and musical stores and is closer to the Quiapo Church. From the station just go a few block to the left. Be well-prepared when going there.

Bambang: Raon is for electronics while Bambang a place filled with medical stores selling medical supplies. Not much of a tourist attraction but it never hurts to promote it at least. (I’m not going to be paid for any of these promos XD)

Monumento: I can’t say for sure that the Bonifacio Monument is accessible. It’s surrounded by fences so one can’t get it and it’s in the middle of a highway. I don’t know if that has changed now.

As for the rest of the station stops. I couldn’t comment more about it since I haven’t tried it myself. It’s quite interesting, especially the info about what to see along R. Papa station.

Other stuff along the other stations don’t offer much.

According to that article Manila is usually avoided by tourist due to it’s negative reputation. Other than that why do you think so and does the article, and my sidenotes, encourage you to try to travel in Manila?

Anyway..leave a comment below if you have other questions about Manila and regarding where to find what in there. I can’t help much with Bars and restaurants but I’ll try to answer them if I can.


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I'm a rent collector with our family business with aspirations of doing Character art and doing something bigger than myself. I blog about our capital city and talk about news articles that I find and comment on them. I play the saxophone during the evenings.

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