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Sa Pampanga: Todos de lo Santos at takas sa siyudad

(At Pampanga: All saint’s day and escaping the city)

We’d been coming back to the province recently to take a break from the city and visit my father’s side of the family. The last time I saw them was during my grandmother’s burial and on the last night there were many people and at my surprise all of them are my aunts and uncles 0_0.

Eitherway there’s a saying in our country that for a tourist to see the best the Philippines has to offer..stay out of the city and go to the provinces..Ironically this blog is to promote the city not the province.

My last visit was during  Todos de lo Santos or All saint’s day as what people are calling it now…from the former spanish to English..or in Tagalog Araw ng Patay (Day of the Dead)..Not at all good to describe the day itself it probably suite Halloween for the Philippines at least even for Zombie Apocalypse fans XD. A proper term is “Araw ng mga santo” but we, sadly, went for the english version..All saint’s day.

San Simon Cemetary. Not as crowded as I used to remember it.

Nice wallpaper image..depends on who you ask XD



Where did you go during the first few days of November? Is there a different way you celebrate All saint’s day in your place and what is it called?

I went to my grandparent’s tomb before I took photos of my surroundings of course..

The tombs of both my Grandparents from my father’s side. On the right is my grandmother.

Here’s my grandfather..The first Gabino’s nameplate is vanishing already. I was never able to see him because he died before I was born.


It can be quite gloomy here I don’t know how would you promote “dark tourism” as that article before pointed while pointing out R. Papa station. Where a big cemetery is. Not certain if it’s the north cemetery or the Chinese’s

Afterward we went to my other uncles/aunt that we weren’t able to meet the second time I was there. Afterward I went off to the fields to take a breather. One of the Philippine’s most scenic places is the farmfields..just check this photos:


Trying to take a picture of me in the scene..Not easy to do.


While the saying is true the city itself is actually nice. Though one couldn’t find a place like this in the city..If I do find one it be here in this blog XD.

After visiting the departed what did you do?